Ultimate Facial

The Ultimate Facial is a luxurious treatment that targets your specific skin concerns. Every session is tailored to what your skin needs at that moment.

What is the Ultimate Facial?

The Ultimate Facial is a luxurious treatment specifically tailored to your skin’s needs. It combines different modalities to target your concerns and improve the overall health of your skin. Every component of the facial is determined by you and catered to the issues you’d like to address.

Ultimate FacialHow the Ultimate Facial works

The best results usually stem from a combination of therapies. Whether treating a medical skin condition or simply wanting to age gracefully, customization is key. Choosing the correct form of exfoliation, the right type of hydration and whether to add in other condition-focused treatments is all part of the process that will leave your skin radiant and healthy.

What to expect during your appointment

Before we begin the treatment, we will do an in-depth analysis of your skin to see what combination of procedures would be best. After mapping out a plan, we’ll start out with our signature cleansing process. The next phase is determined by you and your skin. We may dermaplane the skin or choose to use microdermabrasion, or we could simply perform extractions with an ultrasonic exfoliator. A light chemical peel could come next, followed by an antioxidant mask or mirocurrent session. A hydrating oxygen facial may conclude the session. Whatever the treatment is, we always finish with a massage using skin-enhancing products. Due to the customization of this facial, it can last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours.

Length of results

Because each patient’s reason for the Ultimate Facial varies widely, the length of the results will differ as well. Someone who chooses to have a pampering rather than results-driven facial will have a different outcome than someone who wants an aggressive treatment to control age spots. Patients wanting a relaxing facial may schedule the Ultimate Facial whenever they’d like. Patients on a treatment plan to correct a skin condition will need to come in multiple times with shorter intervals in-between. These intervals will be established during your analysis.

Request a free consultation in Beverly Hills

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and you’re looking to gain the skincare benefits of a facial, request a consultation. We provide free consultations to our patients at our skincare center in Beverly Hills. During that time, we can review your aesthetic goals. You can request your consultation online, or you can text us at (424) 256-5272.

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