Skin Lesion Removal

Using different methods, lesions such as skin tags and warts can be removed.

What is skin lesion removal?

Skin lesion removal can treat lesions that tend to develop as we age. While some lesions may progress into cancerous cells, most are considered benign, or harmless. These non-threatening lesions come in many forms: skin tags, broken capillaries, seborrheic keratoses and sun spots. Actinic keratoses are lesions that are regarded as pre-cancerous. They may not necessarily turn into skin cancer, but it is best to treat them before they have a chance to become one. By using freezing or burning techniques, we can remove the lesion in just a few sessions.

skin lesion removalHow skin lesion removal works

There are two main methods of removing lesions. One uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the cells – the extremely cold temperature instantly kills them. The lesion then turns into a scab and eventually sloughs off. The other technique utilizes a hyfrecator. This machine emits a low-energy, high-frequency pulse to the treated area. The pulse immediately destroys the lesion. The area scabs over and falls off once new, fresh skin has formed underneath.

What to expect during your appointment

We will begin by analyzing each lesion that you’d like treated. If anything looks suspicious, we won’t treat it but will refer you to a healthcare provider that can. Depending on the type and size of the lesion, we will typically use liquid nitrogen or the hyfrecator. If other methods are required, we will discuss all options. Both treatments feel like a very small, pinpoint sting. The sensation may be intensified around sensitive areas but goes away immediately. Treatment time varies from 10-30 minutes in length.

Length of results

Results of treated skin tags and other minor imperfections can be considered permanent. However, it does not prevent additional lesions from growing in a similar area or fashion. Actinic keratoses have a reputation for being more stubborn. If any lesion is persistent or shows signs of growth or change despite multiple sessions, we will send you to a specialist.

The number of treatments is determined by the severity of the condition we are treating. Skin tags and mild actinic lesions may only need 2-3 sessions whereas more severe sun damage may take additional treatments. We will refer you to the appropriate medical professionals if more careful monitoring is needed.

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Since each skin lesion requires closer inspection, we recommend that you schedule a free consultation at our skincare center in Beverly Hills. We serve the greater Los Angeles area and we may be able to provide you with an effective treatment. To get started, send us a text at (424) 256-5272 or fill out the form on our website and request your consultation today!

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