B12 Injections

B12 injections are an amazing way to provide your body with more energy and drive.

What are B12 injections?

B12 injections are an amazing way to provide your body with more energy and drive. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that has two main functions: to help regulate metabolism and aid in energy production. The main objective of the injection is to give you an extra burst of vitamin to help kick start the body’s energy reserves and give you the extra boost you need.

B12 InjectionsHow B12 injections work

Vitamin B12 is naturally found in food products such as fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. A person’s normal daily consumption will usually satisfy the RDA level of 2.4mcg/day. However, there are times in everyone’s life where stress, fatigue and exhaustion can consume us. A B12 injection may help initiate your cells to go into overdrive and produce more energy for your body to use.

What to expect during your appointment

After careful evaluation and determining that a B12 injection is suitable for you, we will establish the correct dosage to administer based on your needs. A designated amount will be injected into the gluteus. The procedure is painless and takes only a couple minutes although the evaluation may take longer.

Length of results

Depending on the severity of the initial energy deficiency, the results can last anywhere from one week to indefinitely. Injections are on an as-needed basis. Most patients will reach their desired energy level with one injection. Additional treatments may be needed for more severe cases. A comprehensive physical and mental review must be completed before ongoing, continuous treatments are performed.

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