ThreeForMe treatments use laser technology in order to solve three skin concerns at once: wrinkles, facial veins and sun damage.

What are ThreeForMe treatments?

ThreeForMe treatments use laser technology in order to solve three skin concerns at once: wrinkles, facial veins and sun damage. Sun exposure, genetics, and time all contribute to our skin losing vibrancy over time. All of these can be addressed during one procedure and with minimal downtime.

How ThreeForMe works

ThreeForMe treatments are exclusively performed with Cynosure’s Icon™ technology. The procedure is performed in two steps. In the first step, we perform an IPL photofacial to address skin discoloration issues such as brown spots and redness. The second step uses a microbeam laser technology to stimulate new elastin and collagen growth. With an improved skin structure, you will see a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, scars and other imperfections.

What to expect during your appointment

You may opt for an exfoliating treatment prior to your ThreeForMe procedure. We will numb you for about 30 minutes before thoroughly cleaning your face. Two different laser technologies will be used on the skin imperfections that were discussed during your consultation. A prickly or heat sensation may be felt during the procedure. We’ll use a cool mask to calm the skin down before applying skin-specific products and sunscreen. The procedure takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

Length of results

After your initial treatment, you should see continued improvement to the appearance of your skin in the following weeks. Facial veins typically fade immediately, and even though brown spots may darken after a treatment, they will flake off after a couple of weeks. Wrinkles, fine lines and scars will all fade progressively over a period of several months. After a series of 1-3 treatments, you will notice glowing, radiant appearance.

Request a free consultation in Beverly Hills

If ThreeForMe treatments address your biggest cosmetic concerns, request a free consultation at our skincare center in Los Angeles. During your consultation, we will develop the best treatment plan for you. You can put in a request by texting us at (424) 256-5272 or by filling out the form on our site. Get on the path to healthier, more beautiful skin today!

Before and after photos

Before and after ThreeForMe treatments

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