Preventing and Correcting Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet.  It’s one of the defining elements of aging and helps contribute to the 46 billion dollars spent on skincare worldwide.

Crow’s feet.  It’s one of the defining elements of aging and helps contribute to the 46 billion dollars spent on skincare worldwide.

There are two ways of defining crow’s feet (and all wrinkles, for that matter): static and dynamic.  Static wrinkles are still present even when your facial muscles are at rest and not moving.  These lines are “etched into the skin” and remain there regardless if you are making any facial expressions.

Crows feet at rest

Dynamic wrinkles appear when you move your muscles (ie. by smiling or squinting).  They make static lines look deeper and more prominent when the muscles are contracted.

Crows feet with expression

The following 8 tips can help prevent and even soften existing crow’s feet.

One of the most common ways of both preventing and correcting crow’s feet is getting regular botox injections.  Botox relaxes the injected muscles and makes it harder to contract the muscles.  Therefore, it helps to prevent crow’s feet from forming as well as soften existing crow’s feet.

Eye Creams
Eye creams are essential to keeping the area around your eyes sufficiently hydrated.  There is a reason why there are separate creams for the face and eye.  The skin around the eye is the thinnest and most delicate compared to the rest of the body.  It requires specific moisturizing levels for proper protection from wrinkles.  Apply eye cream morning and night by using your ring finger to gently tap half a pea-size amount to both under eye areas.

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also the delicate skin around your eyes.  Most sunglasses have UV protection that help slow down cellular damage. This collagen breakdown leads to crow’s feet.  Sunglasses also lowers your chances of squinting which is another prime culprit to getting crow’s feet (see below).

Oversized sunglasses are still in, so girls, go ahead and go big!

Smoking destroys every healthy cell in your body, including the skin around your eyes.  It causes rapid deterioration of collagen and makes the skin age a lot faster than normal.  And have you noticed that many smokers squint while they’re having a cigarette?  It’s just a bad habit all around.  DON’T SMOKE.
baby squintingAs mentioned above, squinting is not good for the skin.  Any type of repetitive muscle movement will begin to take a toll on the overlying skin.  Just think of your boots: after several wears and constant bending at the top of your foot, creases begin to form.  Your skin reacts in the same way.

Only a baby, like the one to the left, looks cute when squinting!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 3s are great for your overall health.  One of its key benefits is helping to repair damaged skin cells.  Omega 3s are also great natural moisturizers that keep skin hydrated from within.  Both these factors help protect the skin around your eyes from getting crow’s feet.  Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids include fish, flaxseed, brussel sprouts, egs, walnuts, and vitamin supplements.

Beauty Sleep
Everyone knows sleep is important.  But it is absolutely crucial in restoring damaged skin.  Lack of sleep deprives your body from necessary repairment time, causing the crow’s feet to actually worsen.  Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Perhaps the most important tip of all: wear sunscreen.  Protection is the first step in preventing and improving crow’s feet.  Sunscreen not only reflects or absorbs bad UV rays but also acts as a moisturizer for the skin.  Make sure to apply sunscreen carefully – do not get too close to the corners of the eyes or eyelids.

Here are a couple photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at different stages in his life.  The photograph on the left was taken in his early 20s.  The photo on the right was taken in his mid 30s.  Take a look at the difference around the eyes.  The lines are deeper, longer, and more defined as he got older.  Following the tips above could help you avoid having crow’s feet like Leonardo’s!

Leonard DiCaprio

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