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Hello there!  I’m a certified physician assistant working in the field of aesthetics.  I wanted to start a site where people could get answers to their beauty questions and host a forum where we could create a realistic view of what cosmetic dermatology is truly about.  Aesthetics can be a daunting topic.  With this blog, I have three particular goals in mind to help it become more accessible to people.

1. Dispel rumors

In my job, I encounter frequent misconceptions of the beauty industry on a daily basis.  I’d like to give more accurate insight into what I do by talking about the most common (false) beliefs.  Topics will include: Botox and “the frozen look”, spotting fake beauty versus natural beauty, and how long results really last.

2. Introduce the latest beauty technologies and products

The aesthetics field is always evolving.  New lasers and anti-aging creams are being introduced into the mainstream faster than ever.  I will talk about what treatments and products are worth investing in and which age group or skin type will benefit most.  Future posts will discuss things such as at-home laser devices, pharmaceutical-grade products, and future FDA-approved injectables.

3.  Answer questions

The most rewarding aspect of my job is educating the patient, and the best type of patient is someone who is willing to ask enough questions to fully understand the treatment they are receiving.  I will answer any questions that readers would like to ask as well as give basic information to common procedures.  Potential subjects could include the difference between SPF 15 and SPF 60, how many sessions of laser hair removal does someone truly needs, and if fluorescent lights really do emit UV rays (the answer is yes!).

So if you have a passion for beauty and cosmetics like I do, check back frequently for new posts.  Aesthetics is such an innovative and ever-changing industry that there will always be something interesting to talk about!